what is the best polyurethane to use on hardwood floors

Bona or Synteko?

Both are great products and both have products available in many different finishes: matte, satin or high gloss finish that gives that mirror effect.

Synteck is a brand that was born in Stockholm in 1945, after the second world war, Varnish Syntec was the first product in the line launched, today Synteko is present worldwide, in Brazil is a very popular brand knows as “Sinteco” and many companies added the syntheco to their name, as if it was a synonym of varnish for flooring.

The most used Synteko product is Synteko Classic, a varnish composed of urea and formaldehyde, as well as Super Synteco, they take longer to dry, have a strong smell in the application, do not allow touch-ups, but are highly resistant.

However, Synteko has a water-based Vitta line, which is quick-drying and has no odor when applied, has resistance to sunlight and tolerance to the natural oiliness of wood.

Synteko also has the Polisyn line, which is a polyurethane-based resin, can be applied not only to wooden floors, but also to porous stones and cement floors, 25% more network than the other products, they have high resistance and allows touch-ups.The Bona brand, which is also Swedish, emerged in 1967, but in Brazil is not as popular compared to rest of the world, in recent years it has invested in training professionals for the application of its products and today the application of Bona is having the greatest success, it is a most expensive product, but also the most recommended by many applicators.

Good Application

It has a series of products aimed at the maintenance of wooden floors, but the strongest are its varnishes, among the main ones there is Bona Mega which is a water-based varnish that uses oxygen as a catalyst, after drying it is 100% polyurethane and that gives it high strength.

Indicated for areas of normal, residential traffic, it maintains the natural texture of the wood and has no smell.

In addition to this, there is Bona Novia, which is the only one with an European Union environmental certificate because it is free from NMP, a component that can cause toxicity at high levels. Bona Novia has a low odor and is quick drying, suitable for residential and commercial environments with normal traffic.

And there is also Bona Traffic which is developed for high traffic including sports courts, with greater resistance, has no odor, does not pose a risk of fire and is fast drying.

Keeps the natural texture of the wood and not yellow, just like the other varnishes comes in a high gloss, satin and matte version, the latter finish, matte, is practically imperceptible, as if the floor were just waxed.

As a direct competitor to Bona there is still the Skania brand with similar characteristics and as a direct competitor to Synteko we have Cascolac, which also has products based on urea and formaldehyde, but which also has a water-based product, Cascolac H2O.

Since it has many brands, with many products with different characteristics the ideal is to consult the hardwood floor refinishing https://wixflooring.com/ company that will perform the service and ask about the desired finish and drying time for each product.

Before hiring, make quotes, ask what is the product used, if the craftmen has a certificate, how long it takes to dry and if the product has a smell, this will influence the price and more than that in your comfort.

Another tip is to ask for some references and go see the previous jobs, to hire a good professional to do your job.

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