Application of Bona poly on wood floor

If you want to restore the shine and natural beauty to your wood floor, then it may be time to apply Bona – an indispensable technique so that your floor is always clean and shiny, like new.

In order for the final result to be in line with your expectations, and to be able to really give beauty back to your floor, it is very important that you have a team of really competent professionals and a serious company with cutting edge machinery. .


In addition, a good professional will also pay attention to other characteristics that can influence the final quality of the application of Bona such as:

• Presence of moisture or water infiltration in the place, which must be corrected before applying Bona.

• Presence of loose boards that needs to be fixed.

• Traces of other materials in the wood, such as animal urine, oils, acids and others that can compromise the quality of the service, generating stains.

• Other conditions that need to be carefully evaluated before applying Bona to hardwood floors.

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